Bygg[R]evolution held on March 11, 2021


Bygg[R]evolution was held on March 11, 2021 and attracted a total of 300 people from Sweden and Norway.

It is important to meet, hear some new thoughts and get new energy. In times like these, during a pandemic, the natural meeting places are canceled. We at Bygglet felt that it was important to find other ways to meet, to exchange ideas about everything that happens in the industry “, says Hanna Konyi, CEO of Bygglet, which is behind Bygg[R]evolution.

The event brought together many well-known speakers in a variety of areas, including Jörgen Jedbratt, Future Strategist and partner at Kairos Future, Daniel Lindberg from the forward-leaning craftsman company Dryft, Elisabet Henirich, CEO of Beijer, Nawar Toma, CEO of successful Guardio Safety, Amanda Borneke as acclaimed sustainability expert in the industry and Malin Hansdotter and Robert Bäckström who run the SmartaHem pod for Stångåstaden. Everyone shared useful insights about how digital development is revolutionizing the construction industry in all areas.

When asked if everyday life has already changed, Hanna answers,

Absolutely, just look one year back in time, then we had no idea that 2020 would give us such challenges. It is said that we humans change very slowly if there is no external threat. The pandemic is really an external threat that forced us in very many new situations and solutions that have already become our new everyday life and will surely characterize us even when the pandemic is over.

The event was led by Sandra “Byggsandra” Mobaraki.

See the whole event in the video below.

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