Works more efficiently with Cordel

– We have now used Cordel for a little over 3 years and the transition was easy with no hassle. The biggest difference for us is that we now work more effectively, have a better overview of the business and everything gathered in one app. The great advantage of using Cordel is that you have everything gathered in one place. You do not have to deal with different systems and think about updates. Additionally, we save a lot of time by not having to export and import data.

Øystein Mathisen, owner and general manager, Mathisen AS

Kim gjerstad rörvärket

I do not know what we would do without Cordel

– I spend a minimum of time of administrative work with Cordel. With ready-made templates and packaged prices in Cordel, we have full control and can more or less give a price quote on a project in a villa in no time. With Cordel, we have good control over the consumption of materials on running job orders and fixed-price jobs. It is easy to follow up the orders all the way throughout the project and monitor the business margin. Today, I do not know how we would do without Cordel.

Kim Gjerstad, general manager, Rørverket AS

tore stenvik

Huge advantage with everything in one solution

– Experience shows that it is crucial to be able to detect deviations early. In Cordel’s project module, we have a live overview of the projects and profitability. We monitor change notifications, additional work, actual costs, and hourly consumption compared to budget, prognoses and results. This functionality is crucial for us and has been the key to getting where we are today. With everything gathered in Cordel, we get full control and there is a red thread through everything. It is an advantage to have everything in one place.

Tore Stenvik Tanem, Project Manager, Elteam AS

hampus enström

We are above 50% more efficient today!

– Before using Bygglet, I could only find out our financial situation at our annual accounting period and I used to guess how my projects were proceeding during the year. Now I continuously follow up my financials through my overview of reported hours and supplier invoices on every single project. This allows me to analyze what jobs are the most lucrative and I can manage my company in a totally different manner.

Hampus Engström / Lindqvist & Engström

Our administration used to be a catastrophy – today it’s a success-story

– Before starting with Bygglet, we used handwritten notes and a calculator. We had no clue how the projects were proceeding, we missed to register time and material purchases. Our business was bleeding and the situation simply unsustainable. Without Bygglet we would have employed another administrator to handle everything. This is of course possible to a certain extent, but a digital tool like Bygglet is absolutely necessary in the long run.

Tommy Bitsch / CEO Heaver Bitsch Bygg AB


We comply to rules and regulations with EL-VIS

– All our el technicians and el designers at SSAB use EL-VIS. With EL-VIS we become even more efficient and productive and the solution makes it extremely easy for us to calculate, control and plan cable dimensions. EL-VIS simplifies our paperwork as we have everything digital and searchable when it comes to complying with laws, paragraphs and regulations. You can find nearly everything in the solution and it is quick and easy to find and search.

Photography: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Lars Wennberg, project manager for electric power in Oxelösund EAF

The systems are really user friendly

– Our ambition is to offer our customers the best solutions in the market and hence we constantly monitor the industry developments to keep track of the best methods, materials and systems. In our Swedish electricity operation, we have chosen to use EL-VIS for Cable Calculations and MAXIKOD for calculation. We have good experience of both systems, which simplifies and streamlines our work. A big advantage is that the systems are so easy to work, due to the user-friendly interface.

Johny Eriksson is business development manager at the Assemblin El business area in Sweden


Lots of time savings with Congrid

– By using Congrid, we save a lot of time. Above all, we don’t need to run in and out to do the checks and inspections between the site and the office. The controls are made out here at the site.

We have used Congrid from the very beginning in this project. We made a quality assurance plan of all work tasks and what controls we should do. From those we make quality checks at the respective work phases. It’s completely digital, we have it both on the computer, in the office and on tablets out on the field.

Emil Uleander, Site Manager, Cobab Ab 


Systematic and transparent quality assurance with Congrid

– Before the observations were marked on a paper. As an example, it was quite challenging in rainy weather. Today, with the help of Congrid, everything is handled electronically, and it is much easier. At the same time, the operations will be systematic, as each site have the same checklists Congrid wants to move the industry forward and make projects more transparent between all parties.

Olli Niemelä, Production Engineer, Bonava Finland

All the necessary information on the same platform

“We are benefitting a lot from HomeRun’s solution, it helps us daily on the worksite and in the office. We handle all our customer and contact information on HomeRun. It eases us a lot that all the necessary information is on the same platform instead of several different places. 

All the communication and information that we share with residents on our projects are handled via HomeRun. It’s really convenient that we can send information via email, text messages and physical mail with only one sending. I would recommend because the system includes many necessary tools and the system is very easy to use.”

Janika Lehtinen, Bravida Finland