Kajsa Andersson

Marketing coordinator at Bygglet since august 2019

“I really enjoy working at Bygglet because it is a company that has been growing very fast the past years, but still has a huge potential left to be explored. There are so many ideas coming from all departments at Bygglet and it feels like the company is really listening to its employees. Everyone is also continuously striving to make the everyday life easier for our customers, and we get a lot of engagement back from them.”

Kajsa is responsible for much of Bygglets external and internal communication such as social media, the website and the development, performance and tracking of various campaigns. 



Anders Axelsson

Customer advisor at EL-Info since 2016

“As an employee at El-info every day is an opportunity to interact with customers from different businesses in our industry from the whole of Sweden. At the same time as I´m giving them advises and help I constantly develop myself and increase my experiences.

My colleagues are always positive and together we make a wonderful team with different open-minded personalities who are easy to get to know both as colleagues and friends.

It´s also a pleasure to work with products and solutions that our customers appreciate for its simplicity, modern function and design. As we continuously develop the products and solutions there are always new functions and features to present and support.

Since we became a part of the SmartCraft Group in 2019 we got both the good feeling of a smaller company with tight relations and the belonging of a bigger family with great relations and the power to support each other on our journey to future success.”

Anders is an industry expert for electrical contracting. He is responsible for customer training and support and assist our sales and development teams with advice and product specifications.


Christina Johannessen

Teamleader sales at Cordel since 2019

“Cordel Norway is innovative and we work actively to adapt to the needs of the market. It is motivating to work in a growing company, which is well established in the market and which develops innovative solutions for our customers . The work tasks are varied with good opportunities for personal development and you are part of a team where you get to contribute and be heard. I must also mention – the working environment is fantastic.”

Christina oversees and leads the sales team, provide team members tips and training to achieve a competitive edge in our industry. She works in close collaboration with other team leaders, set weekly and monthly sales goals and motivate the sales team to success.


Max Johansson

Inhouse Sales Consultant at Bygglet since 2015

“I have been employed for over 5 years. During this time the company has expanded a lot. I love the freedom I have in terms of choice when it comes to distribute my working hours and how I perform my duties. The most satisfying part of my work is building connections and relationships to potential customers, but also my team and colleagues. I also appreciate innovation a lot and this company’s aim has been great throughout my time here. To be able to be myself and express my opinions, values and personality is important. I don’t like meaningless hierarchies that diminishes people and builds barriers between employees and leaders. In this regard, Bygglet has been quite successful.” 

Max works with outreach sales and his main task is to book meetings and be a support for outside sellers but also holds demos online for potential customers.


Jane Nurmala

Customer success team leader at Congrid since 2018

”Since I started working at Congrid I’ve had the privilege to grow and become a team leader for a group of versatile and energetic customer success experts in the and construction industry. I appreciate the trust and freedom our company gives to individuals and teams. In return all of our units are highly motivated and hard working with a constant ambition for more growth. Don’t get me wrong, we definitely don’t forget to have fun together – and we celebrate especially when there are good reasons to do so! In addition to working with a fantastic team, I really enjoy working with our customers, who consist of various professionals in the construction industry. It’s great to see how many of them share a real passion to develop safety and quality management on construction sites. Helping them improve as users also allow us to be a part of building a safer environment and delivering work with the highest quality.”

Jane is responsible for leading the customer success team at Congrid. She manages and develops the support and service processes and initiates and runs customer experience development projects. In addition she is in charge of several key account customers for the company.

josefine skoglund homerun

Josefine Skoglund

Country Manager at HomeRun since 2019

“I have been part of HomeRun’s great team since 2019 and I feel that HomeRun is a great environment for growing and learning new things about SaaS business. Especially sales, marketing and scaling the solution for the Swedish market. My background is in building companies and I feel that my background supports our journey and our efforts in the Swedish market.

After all, everything is about understanding the customer’s problem and fixing it with a scalable solution. My responsibilities in HomeRun are leading the Sales, Marketing and Customer Success processes in Sweden. I think that HomeRun supports those goals and the co-working environment and the working atmosphere between commercial operations and product development is great.”

Josefine is working as a Country Manager in Sweden and her main responsibility is accelerating the growth in the Swedish market. During Josefine’s time, HomeRun has tripled its customer base in Sweden. Josefine’s strong expertise from her previous working relations in large building companies is very useful for understanding customer’s operations and offering solutions to customer’s problems.


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